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4 Ways Covid Impacted Lean Six Sigma!

Covid impacting Lean Six Sigma – Watch the Video – 4 Ways LSS was Impacted

Disruptive Change?

Covid 19 amplified the changes we thought were going to arrive in the future. Massive change occurred in business, changing bricks and mortar workplaces. Consumers now procures masses of goods and services online. Orderly hierarchical workplaces became part of the “network society”. People driven business processes started to change to digital platforms. Information technology permeated business.

How did the change affect problem solving?

Business now experience problems that includes technology issues, causing confusion and problem solving challenges. If the nature of business problems it follows that problem solving methodologies will need to adapt. It should be considered “in what ways Lean Six Sigma will change!”

What change is required?

In the past, most problems could be solved with good business logic and basic analysis tools. Due to a technology infusion, problems are technically more difficult and complex. Critical and computational thinking as well as the use of sophisticated analysis, is vital.

Lean Six Sigma need to change?

Financial services, banking and transactional businesses probably experienced the most significant disruption due to the implementation automation and and artificial intelligence. Business process now contains much more information technology and is fast evolving as cyber physical systems. Lean Six Sigma will need to adapt and be able to address the following:
1. A more advanced level of technology
2. A significant increase in complexity
3. Large masses of data
4. Solution creation that by default should include automation and machine learning.