Process Science Yellow Belt launched!

The Process Science Yellow Belt workshop was launched Business Improvement Online, a division of Thinking Dimensions, on 4 March 2021.


Process Science is a Process Improvement Methodology, that focuses on meeting customer quality requirements, drives an increase in business income, whilst reducing quality variation.  Process Science is aimed at business people and combines the best elements of Lean Thinking, Six Sigma Quality Thinking and Information Technology Data Science, to create a powerful blended improvement methodology for the improvement of Cyber Physical business processes. 

Who should be trained

The three Process science workshops addresses basic skills for team members, analysis and analytics skills for mid level employees and advanced topics for process improvement specialists. Terminology, qualitative tools and Analytics techniques are all specifically designed to deal with ever increasing digitisation and the complexities of the 4th Industrial revolution.

Workshop Content Target Population Learning Method
Process Science Yellow Belt Technical TroubleShooting to analyse Events, Incidents and Problems
Process Improvement to remove Waste and improve process Flow
First Line Staff Employees
Improvement Project Team Members
Self paced digital, on line learning
24 learning hours & 2 hours free coaching
Process Science Green Belt
(yellow belt not a requirement)
Process Improvement Project Methodology
Qualitative Analysis
Quantitative Analysis
Business Problem Solvers
Specialists & SME’s
Self paced digital, on line learning & Virtual Class
40 learning hours & 4 hours free coaching support
Process Science Black Belt
(upgrade from Green Belt)
Advanced Analysis & Analytics
The Internet of Things & Big Data
Improving Cyber Physical Systems
Business Improvement Professionals
Business Problem Solvers
Specialists & SME’s
Self paced digital, on line learning & Virtual Class
60 learning hours & 8 hours free coaching support
Certification provided by the Institute for Professional Problem Solvers


Process Science Yellow Belt is immediately available as on line learning. The learning activity is also available in virtual classroom format, on request, for those who prefer this learning mode.