Lean Training & Certification

Lean Thinking is a long term focussed Improvement Methodology that focusses on ensuring that operational processes produce the best quality at the lowest possible cost, with the final ideal of one-piece production flow.  Lean emphasises continual value improvement in processes, as well as value for people.  Organisational learning is propelled forward by a philosophy of solving root problems continuously.

  • Learn Modernised Lean Thinking relevant to the 4th Industrial Revolution


lean thinking

Lean Basics

  • Value & Waste
  • Process & Flow
  • Value Stream
Training – Nominal 8 hours
  • Method:  Digital On Line Learning
  • Self paced learning only

Certification Requirement

Lean Practitioner

  • Map a Value Stream
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Improvement Event

Training – Nominal 16 hours

  • Method: Blended
  • Digital On Line Learning: 12 hours
  • Digital Face to Face:  4 hours

Certification Requirement